Watches she’ll love this Mothers Day

Mar 20, 2019by Emily Weston

Show the mother you love just how special she is this Mother's Day, by treating her to something as unique as she is.

Here are our team's top picks for Mother's Day 2019:

Blowball watch on wrist


Delicate and nostalgic, Blowball is designed to remind you of childhood games. As time passes the dandelion seeds blow away and come back together.

See the Blowball watch here.

Nuage watch on silver background


This is a special watch. Gilded by hand with 22 carat gold and silver leaf, Nuage is a dream-like watch. You read the time by checking the sun in the day and the moon at night.

See the Nuage watch here.

Cyclops watch on wrist


The colourful Cyclops watch uses colours instead of numbers, to encourage ‘relaxed’ timekeeping. Ideal for those lazy Sundays when you only need a rough idea of the time.

See the Cyclops ladies watch here and the unisex version here.

Promise of Happiness watch on wrist

Promise of Happiness

A miniature piece of art for your wrist. Designed by textile artist Fanny Shorter, the Promise of Happiness shows the hour in the sun and the minutes are disguised in the tigers stripes.

See the Promise of Happiness watch here.

Timewise watch on red background


A watch to encourage you to have fun with your time. This cute owl watch was designed by Clifford Richards. The owls head points to the hour, and the mouse runs around the outside of the face, showing you the minutes.

See the Timewise watch here.


Which watch design is your favourite? Let me know in the comments section below.