Nuage front facing. Hand-gilded watch designed by Marion Labbez for Mr Jones Watches Nuage Nuage Nuage Nuage watch showing the time after 6pm. Nuage watch showing the time after 6am. On textured background. Marion Labbez making Nuage

Nuage is a dream-like watch, designed to make you fall in love with time keeping.

Hand crafted in London and gilded with 22 carat gold and silver leaf.

This beautiful watch was designed by French Verre Églomisé artist, Marion Labbez.

The gilding process makes each watch slightly different. This means that you’ll always get a completely unique, handmade watch.

How to tell the time

You track the time by checking the position of the sun or moon in the sky. The crescent represents 12 hours with the time running from left to right.

At 6am the sun rises on the left, it reaches the apex of the crescent at midday, then continues until it reaches the last marker on the right at 6pm.

After 6pm the sun sets while the moon rises on the left, the position of the moon therefore marks the hours from 6pm until 6am.

The minutes and seconds hands are in the centre, these run in the conventional way.

Marion Labbez explains the design:

"we used tempered carbon steel to create the iridescence of the blue sky. Carbon steel, when it’s heated to around 300 degrees turns to a rich blue.

The sun and the moon were gilded like the glass, the way the light reflects off them makes them appear to float above the sky.

Nuage is a companion piece to Chinoiserie which I previously designed for Mr Jones Watches. Both these watches show an exotic dream-like landscape, a playful contrast with the fixed nature of time telling."


  • Strap: 100% real leather - camel grain brown with brown stitch (other options available here)
  • Mechanism: Quartz - Ronda 515-24H
  • Waterproof: Yes! 5ATM (leather will wear out faster when exposed to water)
  • Guarantee: 12 months - any problems after this time, we’ll be happy to help
  • Largest strap diameter: 205mm - contact us if you need a larger size
  • Smallest strap diameter: 150mm - contact us if you need extra holes added to the strap
  • Width (3 o’clock to 9 o’clock): 37mm
  • Height (from lug to lug): 46mm
  • Case: 316L Stainless steel - polished silver
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