Elena Timbalic

Working three days a week in our south London studio, Elena is an integral part of our assembly team. Elena’s work covers everything from the repairs of the watches to the extremely delicate and skilful assembly of the watches, putting dials and discs on to movements, glasses onto cases and much more...


Originally from Moldova, Elena loves to travel. Impressively, she has studied (& gained an MBA in the process) in France, Italy and London. Her talents also extend to playing the piano and teaching crafts!



Tell us more about what you do when you're not working for Mr Jones Watches?

I am jewellery maker by trade. I was fortunate enough to study with the Italian masters who are incredibly passionate and famous for their craftsmanship. My style is a happy marriage between florentine fretwork and the organic flow of nature, or so I'd like to believe :) Hand cutting precious metal into lace-like patterns and decorating it with stones and hand engraved textures is what I enjoy the most. I'm still trying to find my voice in the jewellery world and I'm happy to look for it for the rest of my life. After all, getting there is half the fun :)



You can see more of Elena’s personal work here.