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We know your time is precious, so expect nothing but new watches and the occasional discount from us.

We don't follow trends

Our watches are unusual

We make unique watches which tell a story, start a conversation or simply make you smile.

Today, everyone checks their mobile phone to see the time, which liberates the watch from being a purely functional object and means that we can be a bit more playful with it.

London made watches

We're a small, passionate team working from our London studio to bring you the most unique British watches.

Each colour you see on a design was mixed by our print technician Paul, and then printed onto the watch layer by layer.

These watches are then hand-assembled by Elena and Cat before they go through our strict time-testing process.

Artist and illustrator

Design Collaborations

To continue pushing the boundaries of watch design, we often collaborate with talented artists and illustrators.

Working with other creatives means that we're always able to offer you the most unique and interesting watches.

Fun things to do at home

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