Unique gift ideas for Mothers Day

Unique gift ideas for Mothers Day


This mothers day, treat the mom you love to a gift as unique as she is. Flowers don’t last forever, which is why ours are a bit different…

Here’s our selection of flower watches, perfect for mothers day.


Phlox watch with flower


The image on this watch is based on the Phlox flower. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a beautiful flower that’s native to North America.

As the hands on this watch move, you’ll notice the flower changing shape.

Phlox watch with flower petals

close up of Phlox watch

The Phlox watch is available here.



She’ll love how nostalgic this watch is.

It’s inspired by the games that you played with dandelion heads as a child. The seeds break away and come together at different points in the day.

Blowball watch with flower background

Blowball is available here.


This delicate watch was inspired by the Cherry flower.

Similar to the Phlox watch, Cherry aligns and breaks apart as the hands rotate, so it’s constantly moving in and out of phase.

Prefer a minimal look? Swap the strap to stainless steel by leaving a note in the comments box of your order.

Cherry watch surrounded by petals

Close up of Cherry watch

The Cherry watch is available here.


The Last Bloom

Bright and bold. The Last Bloom was made to stand-out.

This psychedelic watch is a piece of wearable artwork, designed by Edward Monaghan. It’s also limited edition, there are only 100 pieces available worldwide.

The Last Bloom watch with flower background

The Last Bloom is available here.


Looking for something a little less floral? You can see our full collection at mrjoneswatches.com

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