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Meet our team: Dovile Bertulyte

Dovile Bertulyte in her jewellery-making studio Ever wondered who made your Mr Jones watch? Meet Dovile (a.k.a. Dove “like a bird”). She worked on the delicate part of putting your watch together. Tell us something interesting about you? Well… I’m from Lithuania. I moved to the UK in 2009 to study conceptual jewellery. Now, I’m a jewellery designer / maker and I work on the assembly of Mr Jones Watches. ‘Pointing Finger’ pendant from Dove’s Phobia collection. What do you do for fun? I travel as often as I can. My most recent trip was to Japan (which was amazing!) I love spending my free time in nature – exploring forests, swimming in the wilderness, mushroom foraging (which is quite a typical Lithuanian thing) and watching wild animals. Dove...

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