Meet the Mr Jones Watches dogs

Jul 10, 2023by Mr Jones Watches Team

Last week saw us release our new unisex t-shirts online which feature the adorable office dogs: Stanley, Wren, Shrimpy and Woody. We thought that this was the paw-fect (sorry!) time to introduce you to all of them properly… 

Our t-shirts first came to life last year when we celebrated our 15th anniversary and released our “Stanley’s Hot Dogs” t-shirt, designed by our General Manager, Ellie McAllister


Stanley is seven years old and belongs to Mr Jones himself, Crispin. He is a Miniature Dachshund and is the dog who started the group… he’s the real boss around here! 

By far our laziest team member, you’ll usually find Stanley sleeping in a sunspot in the workshop or hanging around in our Covent Garden shop (which is dog friendly!) 

He’s our OG “hot dog” and we wouldn’t have him any other way, but maybe tone down the barking a bit at the postman, Stan? 


Wren is three years old and belongs to our Head of Printing, Ellen. She's a French Bulldog and Jack Russell mix and you’ll usually find her hunting for treats. 

Sweet and bubbly, Wren reminds us of a refreshing pint of beer. She absolutely loves attention, especially from our print team and the admirers in the local beer garden! 


Shrimpy is four years old and works on marketing with our Social Media Lead, Olivia. She’s a rescue dog and is a long mix of Dachshund and Labrador. She can be quite shy when you first meet her.

Shrimpy has perfected sad eyes to get an extra treat or two from our team and she loves nothing more than chilling under a blanket - or perhaps a taco tortilla shell like on her t-shirt - in the evening.  


Woody is one and a half, making him the baby of the group and is currently interning with the marketing team. He is a Dapple Dachshund and still has a few coaching sessions left with Shrimpy! 

He is the life and soul of the party and is always in the mood for playtime or fuss. You could say he is a total crowd-pleaser, just like a delicious pizza. 

 Have you guessed the common theme between the t-shirts? They are all inspired by the thing our office dogs love the most… food! 

You can learn more about the dogs and the rest of our team by heading to our Meet Our Team page here. We also regularly post about them on our social media channels so be sure to check them out at @mrjoneswatches