Meet our team: Natalie Itinov

We've previously interviewed some of our workshop team members, Paul, Elena and Dove (who sadly no longer works with us), so we thought it was time to introduce you to someone from our shop!

Natalie is our only full time member of shop / customer service staff and she also carefully packs and sends all of your online orders.

If you've emailed us or visited our little shop in the Oxo Tower within the last six months, it's likely you have spoke to Natalie.

She's an invaluable and super creative member of our team, so we wanted to introduce her to you...
Natalie Itinov portraitTell us a bit bout you:

I am a Bulgarian/ Canadian, lucky to have grown up around my father’s jewellery workshop and my uncles art studio which sparked my own creativity from a young age.

A graduate from London College of Communication, from the course of Illustration and Visual media I have stepped away from traditional illustration and currently work as a paper artist, however I am an experimenter and love trying different things when time is on my side.Natalie Itinov's paper workIn the last year I have created a small start up jewellery brand called Biju Jewellery and my original collection features pieces are made from paper and silver.

Natalie Itinov's jewellery workBoth my art pieces and my jewellery are made from up-cycled paper as my very own way to recycle.


What do you like doing outside of work?

Outside of work I make paper sculptures and work on the production of the jewellery pieces for my small start up brand Biju Jewellery.

Natalie Itinov's jewellery - earringsI am a bit obsessed with paper for a while now so I incorporate this in almost everything I make.

Natalie Itinov's paper work 2

Other than that I spend every waking moment eating, listening to good music, reading, traveling as much as possible, occasionally procrastinating and often dreaming.


Which is your favourite Mr Jones watch?

All of the watches require great craftsmanship and attention so it is hard not no love them all after seeing the behind the scenes of the creation process. 

I have the Cyclops ladies watch and I think it fits my personality in a way.

Cyclops ladies

I love thinking about all the colours representing all my shades and moods and it is so much fun seeing people trying to understand how to read the time on it.

It is also quite nice not to have the exact time to the second sometimes. It makes you forget to stress about running out of time which in London is a given.


You can see Natalie's work with paper here:

You can see Natalie's jewellery brand here:

Find Natalie on Instagram here and her jewellery here.

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