Meet our team: Paul Wardski

Every colour you see on your watch, has been mixed by hand. It is then printed onto the watch individually, layer by layer.

All of this skilled work is done by our talented print technician, Paul Wardski. You might also spot his hand, modelling our watches occasionally too.

Paul is a really valuable member of our team, and we wanted to introduce you to him.

Tell us a little bit about you?

I live in London and have done all my life.

I’m an artist printmaker and I specialise in screen-printing and photo-lithography.

I originally studied Illustration at Portsmouth University, this is where I discovered my love for print.

I’ve now moved on to studying for a MA in Printmaking and Visual Arts at University of the Arts London. Which conveniently is just down the road from the Mr Jones Watches workshop.

So what do you like doing outside of work?

I really love anything print related, so I track down exhibitions in and around London and I travel as much as I can, especially if there is a good print studio to be found.

I also love making artist books. I try to make one off limited edition artist books in my spare time (when I can).

Traveling is something I always try and make time for, even just the simple act of moving from one place to another and discovering something new, is fundamentally what inspires me to create.

I also very much enjoy playing the piano, you will sometimes find me posting videos of me messing about with the piano.

Which is your favourite Mr Jones watch and why?

That’s a tough one. I wear Nuage because I think it’s beautiful. But ultimately my favourite would have to be the Fantastic Exploits watch.

I really enjoy working on that watch. Vic Lee’s illustration is so intricate that it’s always a real challenge to print.

It also has a Swiss automatic movement inside, which makes it even more special.

A lot of time goes into the making of it, so it’s always really satisfying to see how visually stunning each finished watch is, it makes the hard work feel really worth while.

You can check out Paul’s Instagram account here.Or shop his range of limited edition screen prints, available here.

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