Meet the team: Elena Timbaliuc

Mar 8, 2018by Emily Weston

 Meet the team: Elena


The Mr Jones Watches team is a bit like an unconventional family. A family that is made up of just nine, very different, but equally talented people…

Today I wanted to give you a little more insight into our workshop team.

Elena production manager


You’ve already met two members the team, Dovile and Paul. It’s time you met the final member, Elena Timbaliuc.

Elena Timbaliuc

If it wasn’t for Elena, we’d be working under a pile of mess with far too many watch parts that we’d know what to do with. Elena’s our invaluable production manager.

She keeps our little London studio running smoothly and we love her for it.

 Elena Timbaliuc working in the studio

As well as being super efficient and organised, Elena is a keen maker and she works on the assembly of your watches too.

Elena’s work covers everything from the repairs of the watches to the extremely delicate and skilful assembly of the watches, putting dials and discs on to movements, glasses onto cases etc…


The making of an enamel dial watch by Elena Timbaliuc

Originally from Moldova, Elena has a BA in Economics, an MBA from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, and a Study Certificate in Jewellery Design from Lorenzo de Medici in Italy.

Elena Timbaliuc enamelling

Taken from Elena’s Instagram page: @etimbaliuc

Elena most recently gained a Level 3 diploma in jewellery manufacturing from Holts Academy in London.

Blossom earrings made by Elena Timbaliuc.

Blossom earrings in white gold with pink sapphire made by Elena.


I asked Elena to explain in her own words a little bit about what she does in her free time:

“When I’m not in the MJW workshop, I am jewellery maker. I was fortunate enough to study with the Italian masters who are incredibly passionate and famous for their craftsmanship.

My jewellery making style is a happy marriage between florentine fretwork and the organic flow of nature, or so I’d like to believe :)

Hand cutting precious metal into lace-like patterns and decorating it with stones and hand engraved textures is what I enjoy the most.

Elena Timbaliuc jewellery making

Elena making jewellery by hand in her London studio.

I’m still trying to find my voice in the jewellery world and I’m happy to look for it for the rest of my life. After all, getting there is half the fun :)

I have lots of hobbies, I love to read, travel and sew. I also enjoy shopping for vintage clothes, playing the piano, and I occasionally teach crafts too!”

You can see more of Elena’s personal work here.

Elena making enamel dial watches

Elena also designed and created our cloisonné enamel dial watches.

This was an extremely delicate and time-consuming process, that really showcased Elena’s talents as a maker, click here to find out more about our enamel dial watches.

Watch Elena and Crispin talk through the process of making an enamel dial watch