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 We are lucky enough to have many amazing and loyal customers at Mr Jones Watches. 

Previously on our blog you've met Melissa and Mike. Now meet Perpetual Girl and Ranch Racer, two watch enthusiasts with a podcast from California.

Love N watches podcast

Tell us a bit about yourself

We’re just your everyday married couple who happen to both love watches and have worn them our entire lives (let’s just say those lives span approximately 50 years).

Perpetual Girl was always frustrated with the lack of attention being paid to the female collectors in our hobby and we talked about those frustrations frequently.

Popular models always being made in sizes too large for the female wrist. Scantily clad women being used to sell watches in advertising.

Very few magazine articles and blog posts geared towards the female collector.

Brands slapping a bunch of diamonds on a cheap quartz watch and charging a fortune for it. A scarcity of female collectors on social media, etc. etc. 

So one day in late 2017 Ranch Racer half jokingly said, “hey let’s start a Podcast on watches and talk about all this stuff.”

To his slight dismay PG jumped on the idea and here we are more than two years later with a room in our home converted into a recording studio, a collection of over 100 watches between the two of us, and a really fun Podcast with the whole Love ‘N Watches thing that our listeners seem to enjoy.

We don’t make a dime on it. We do it because we love watches and we love talking about the hobby and sharing that enjoyment with others.

The Last Bloom watch

When and how did you first discover Mr Jones Watches?

RR read an article on one of the popular watch blogs a few years ago about the Last Laugh Tattoo XL.

He’s not really an “artsy” guy but he does have a thing for skulls, so he absolutely had to have the watch. He loved the mechanical jumping hour complication as well.

That was our first one, and when PG saw the Last Bloom that one was soon also arriving on our doorstep.

At the time RR was doing some writing in his spare time for another online watch blog and did a hands-on review of the Tattoo from an actual owner’s perspective.

Soon after that we did a couples review of both the Tattoo and the Last Bloom on our own site, and from there PG really became enamoured with the brand.

She was soon building a nice little collection of MJW pieces and we started frequently discussing them on the Podcast. She has an art degree and tends to notice many of the little details that RR might miss.

At the end of the day we talk and write the most about the brands that we personally love and enjoy in our own collections. 

The King XL and Queen watches

How big is your Mr Jones Watches Collection?

Let’s see, I think we’re up to six at this point.

PG has the Last Bloom, The Promise of Happiness, the original limited edition Perfectly Useless Afternoon, and The Queen.

RR has his original Last Laugh Tattoo XL and The King XL. Of course we’re always eyeballing our next MJW purchase!

Three popular Mr Jones watches

 What is your favourite MJW limited edition and why?

That’s a tough one between A perfectly useless afternoon and The Last Bloom, but it would probably have to be A perfectly useless afternoon.

PG loves floating around in our pool with it on her wrist. She’s taken some really fun snapshots of it that she’s posted to the Instagram account.

A perfectly Useless Afternoon watch

What interesting comments have people made on your watches?

In this day and age it’s such a rare thing when someone actually notices, let alone comments on a wrist watch, but the MJW pieces most definitely get attention.

Believe it or not we’ve had folks think they were actually smart watches with some funky graphics on the home screen!

When they do get noticed the first question is almost always, “How the heck do you read the time on that thing?”

It’s always fun explaining how they work and how to read them. They’re certainly conversation starters.

Last Laugh Tattoo XL watch

Anything you'd like to add?

Well, as we’re always encouraging our listeners, it’s important to buy what you love and love what you buy.

Mr. Jones Watches exemplifies this attitude.

You don’t wear an MJW to show others that you can afford more watch than they can, or show off your wealth or social status or anything like that.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of that in the watch collecting hobby and it can be tough to get away from.

We both grew up in the Silicon Valley in Northern California where the wealth is just out of control, and everyone’s constantly trying to one-up each other.

Also the “watch shaming” that occurs, especially in social media channels, is pretty terrible these days.

Our advice is if a watch speaks to you and it’s in your budget, buy it and enjoy it and forget about what all the talking keyboards online or the snobby watch club guys have to say about it.

All that matters is what you think. If you like looking down at it on your wrist then it’s the perfect watch!

An MJW piece reflects the personality of the person wearing it.

You guys have shown that it’s important to have fun with the hobby and enjoy it for what it is, while partnering with some absolutely amazing artists and sharing their work with the world through the simple wrist watch.

Your watches embody the spirit of enjoying life, letting others KNOW that you’re enjoying life, and just taking things as they come.

Life’s too short not to enjoy and savour every minute of it. Whether you live on a Filet Mignon budget or a Ramen budget we can pretty much guarantee there’s a Mr. Jones watch that will fit your personality and that you’ll love just as much, if not more than that Daytona or Royal Oak sitting in the safe!

Last Laugh Tattoo XL

 You can find the couple on Instagram, Love n Watches and their blog,  Love ‘N Watches

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