Meet our customers: Melissa

You’ve met the team and the artists, now it’s time to meet the customers!

We are so lucky to have so many loyal customers at MJW, we thought it was time to hear from them.

Meet Melissa, a loyal Mr Jones Watches fan with 19 watches!


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name’s Melissa and I’m a pinked-hair woman rapidly approaching 40, living in the south of England with my very handsome (his words) husband. 

I have many obsessions - cult TV, acrylic jewellery, all things Danish, and Mr Jones Watches!

When and how did you first discover Mr Jones Watches?

About 6 years ago I became obsessed with owning a wristwatch again, having not worn one since my teens.  I can’t even pinpoint why - something to do with being overly reliant on my phone and never knowing the time without having to dig through my bag. 

I searched for months for the perfect watch and talked myself out of everything I looked at.  I knew I didn’t want a smart watch, and a lot of the traditional ones were really quite plain, particularly those marketed at women. 

That year for my birthday, my husband booked us lunch at the Oxo Tower Brasserie and when looking online to see what other stores I could visit on our trip to the South Bank, I stumbled across the Mr Jones Watches website. 

I fell in love instantly, and the Sun and Moon became the first in my collection.

How big is your Mr Jones Watches collection? 

It’s now a frankly unmanageable 19 watches. When they’re not on my wrist, they all live in their original boxes in a roomy drawer but since buying number 19 - The Ascendant which is beautiful - I have genuinely run out of storage space for them. 

I have a few limited editions, a few sample sale gems, and a lot of the main collection.  I even bought myself a macro lens for my camera purely to get better photos of the incredible watch faces.

Despite my collection now spilling out into the rest of the house, I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon and cannot wait to see what my number 20 is going to be.

Which is your favourite MJW limited edition and why?

Tough question. It changes all the time, but I do find myself returning to Vertigo, Wanderlust, and my very unique, adorable Robotto Shi (snapped up in a sample sale on Instagram!)

What interesting comments have people made on your watches?

Mostly, people grab my wrist to try to figure out the time for themselves, and it can get quite competitive as they challenge themselves to get it right.  

I am very proud of making two other fans in my friends Tim and Laura who couldn’t resist starting their own collections after seeing mine. Laura and I are both bad influences, encouraging each other when new releases are teased on Instagram.

We work at the same place so it’s fun turning up to a meeting with her to see what watch she’s wearing - we are yet to wear the same piece in the same meeting, but I'm looking forward to the day it happens!


Check out Melissa's blog and Instagram where she regularly posts her Mr Jones Watches collection. 

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