Meet our customers: Mike

We are so lucky to have a loyal customer base of collectors at MJW.

We previously met Melissa, now meet Mike. A regular at our Oxo Tower Wharf store and a lover of all things unique. 

 Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, my name’s Mike, and I’m a consultant paediatrician at Evelina London Children’s Hospital (handily just up the river from the Mr Jones Watches shop!)

I’ve loved cool watches ever since I was a kid and the cartoon characters in “Battle of the Planets” used their watches to TRAAAAAAAAAANSMUTE! from their civilian identities into their superhero selves. 

I love bold, unique watches that don’t just tell the time, they make a statement - and Mr Jones Watches definitely do that. I hardly ever wear one of mine without someone commenting on them.

People are always fascinated both by their appearance but also love puzzling out how to tell the time on them (and admittedly, some of them are ones I don’t wear if I need to know the *exact* time that day … but I love that relaxed attitude to time they encourage too!) 

I first saw Mr Jones Watches when walking by the shop - Cyclops was the first one to catch my eye, the first one I bought, and still one of my favourites though, if I HAD to choose, I think Colour Venn is my absolute favourite.


How big is your Mr Jones Watches collection? 

I’ve got 11 Mr Jones Watches altogether now, and love how distinctive each one is.

Which is your favourite MJW limited edition and why?

Of the limited editions, again, hard as it is to choose, but I think it has to be Ka … its red and gold colours and workmanship are just gorgeous, especially when it catches the sun!


It's really hard to pick a favourite though - another childhood favourite was Transformers, so I'm very fond of the cheery Number Cruncher and Robotto Shi robots too.


Whichever Mr Jones Watch I'm wearing, catching sight of it through the day never fails to give me a little grin. They're just amazing pieces of imaginative design, and I'm always eagerly waiting to see what comes next. 


Find Mike on Twitter and Instagram where he regularly posts his MJW collection.


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