Universal Geneve Polerouter

This is a Universal Geneve Polerouter made around 1964. The steel cased watch has the Universal calibre 215 movement, this automatic winding movement has a microrotor, this means the eccentric weight is on the same plain as the rest of the watch mechanism, which in turns makes the watch movement thinner overall. 

The Polerouter case and dial was designed by a young Gerald Genta. Genta was the foremost watch designer of the 20th century, in addition to producing this model for Universal Geneve, he also designed watches for Patek Philippe, Omega, Audemars Piguet and IWC. The lugs of the case have an unusual twisting and the dial is a super example of late 50s design. Universal Geneve gave Genta his first break as an industrial designer and the watch is a super example of his work. 

The Polerouter model was named in recognition of Universal Geneve’s work with Scandanivan Air Service (SAS). In the 1950s SAS pioneered a new route from Europe to the USA, flying over the North Pole (this shortened the route by some thousand kilometres). Universal Geneve supplied special watches to the pilots and crew of the SAS flights, which were shielded from the strong magnetic fields present around the North pole. In celebration of this work Universal released a line of watches, originally named “Polarouter”. 

The watch has been serviced and is keeping excellent time, the case has been ultrasonically cleaned but as with all our vintage watches is has not been polished and we’ve fitted a new old-stock Universal Geneve leather strap. 

Case diameter (excluding winding crown): 35.5mm
Case material: stainless steel
strap width: 19mm
time keeping: grade A

Universal cal 215

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