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This is a British Army issued Omega watch from the 1940s. The watch was issued to soldiers, it has a steel case and a black dial with white numeral for clear precise legibility. The watch is in great condition (by no means a given for a military issued wristwatch). The dial is the original one supplied by Omega (sometimes these were replaced during the life of the watch by the military). The hands are a service replacement, but this style is encountered fairly often with this model, so I suspect they were an approved MOD alteration and therefore I have retained them.

The Ministry of Defence in the 1940s developed a specification for military issue wristwatches. The specification is referred to as W.W.W., an acronym which stands for Watch, Wristlet (i.e. not a pocket watch) and Waterproof. W.W.W. is marked on the case back along with the serial number and manufacturer code (Y for Omega). In all there were 12 different manufacturers who produced watches to this specification for the MoD, collectively they are referred to as “The Dirty Dozen”.

The watch has a Omega 30T2 calibre movement, which is a robust and reliable performer. The military W.W.W. watches were made to a slightly larger size than a typical wristwatch of the 1940s at 35mm diameter, consequently they make a good size for everyday wear today. The watch has fixed lugs to hold it securely to the strap, even in combat. We will supply it with both an olive and a black NATO fabric strap - they’re simple to change over.

All in all a charismatic watch in excellent condition.

Case diameter (excluding winding crown): 35mm
Case material: stainless steel
strap width: 18mm
time keeping: grade A