IWC WWW (1945) IWC WWW (1945) IWC WWW (1945) IWC WWW (1945) IWC WWW (1945) IWC WWW (1945) IWC WWW (1945) IWC WWW (1945)

This is a British Army issued IWC watch from 1945, produced by the celebrated International Watch Company (IWC).

Towards the end of the second world war, the British Ministry of Defence developed a specification for a military issue wristwatches. The specification is referred to as W.W.W., an acronym which stands for Watch, Wristlet (i.e. not a pocket watch) and Waterproof. W.W.W. is marked on the case back along with the serial number of the particular watch (17105) and the manufacturer code (M for IWC).

In all there were 12 different manufacturers who produced watches to this specification for the MoD, collectively they are referred to as “The Dirty Dozen”, there’s an excellent introduction to these watches here:

The IWC version of the WWW is probably the most desirable of the WWW, the calibre 83 movement was regulated to chronometer standard and embodies the highest quality that mid century Swiss watch making aspired to.  The watch is in great condition (by no means a given for a military issued wristwatch). The dial and hands are all original and in excellent condition. The watch has been serviced and is running well and keeping excellent time.

All in all a handsome watch in excellent condition, which given that IWC continue to produce new designs that reference this model, represents a sound investment.

You are welcome to come and view this watch at our Oxo Tower shop, however you will need to call ahead as the watch is not stored on site.

Case diameter (excluding winding crown): 35mm
Case material: stainless steel
strap width: 18mm
time keeping: grade A

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