CWC G10 CWC G10 vintage watch serviced by Mr Jones Watches, case back view CWC G10 vintage watch serviced by Mr Jones Watches CWC G10 vintage watch serviced by Mr Jones Watches, flat view CWC G10 vintage watch serviced by Mr Jones Watches, side view
This is an excellent British Military issue wristwatch, it was supplied by the Cabot Watch Company (CWC). CWC supplied a variety of different models to the British Army over the years, but are perhaps best known for this general service watch, which they supplied over a long period to all branches of the armed services. 

The case backs of military watches are engraved with the stores reference, which tells us a lot about the individual watch. This particular watch has an engraving which reads 0552/6645-99, to break this down: 0552 refers to an item issued to the Royal Navy, 6645 is the code for a “Time Measuring Instrument” and 99 is the country identifier for the UK. The number below, 5415317 is the serial number of the individual watch. The two digits at the end of the engraving is the year of issue, so 1985 in this case. 

The design of these watches was laid out in a Ministry of Defence specification, which detailed such things as the colour of the dial and numerals, the case material and dimensions and so on. These watches make great everyday pieces - they were designed to be robust and hard wearing. 

The movement has been fully serviced and the timekeeping is great, as one would expect from a quartz mechanism. The case has been cleaned, but as with all out vintage watches we have left it unpolished. The crystal has been polished and the watch has been fitted with a Nato one-piece nylon strap. The watch comes with our standard 12 month guarantee.

Case diameter: 35.75mm
Case material: stainless steel
Strap width: 18mm
Time keeping: grade A

CWC G10 vintage watch, ESA 536.121 watch movement

ESA 536.121

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