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Discover years 2007 - 2011 of Mr Jones Watches


Dawn West Dusk East

This enigmatic timepiece was designed with artist Brian Catling.

A single aperture marks the time, making one revolution of the face every 12 hours. On the dial four colours run from black to silver to gold to red.

All around the world (Limited edition)

his watch allows you to visualise the time in different countries - eight are represented on the single hand.
From a distance the hour hand appears to be a graphic motif, upon closer inspection it resolves to show the detail of landmark buildings around the world.

Love knows not

On the face of this model there's an apparently random jumble of letters.
Every hour the letters magically align to form the phrase 'love knows not what time is'.

Always on my mind

This watch is nostalgic for the time when a love letter was something you could hold: the hour and minute hands spell "always on my mind" in a typewriter font, as if each of the letters has been tapped out by hand.

Love health (Limited edition)

Love health is the companion to the raw aggression of Fuck cancer. The watch offers a constant reminder that we should cherish our health, and that we shouldn't take it for granted.

This watch was a limited edition model which has now sold out.

Fuck cancer

Cancer is a terrifying disease that touches most of us at some time or another. The message this watch displays is the most aggressive assertion possible that we will not let cancer overshadow our lives and that the human spirit cannot be overwhelmed.

This watch was a limited edition model which has now sold out.


The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh was designed with comedian William Andrews. This watch forgoes the hour and minute hands, instead the time is displayed on a skull’s teeth.
The eyes and the nose are mirrored and the overall impression is of a gleefully absurd memento mori - an object to remind us that life is brief.

The Last Laugh is available here.

The Hour (Limited edition)

The Hour was designed with cyclist Graeme Obree, an hour has a special resonance for him as he twice claimed cycling’s prestigious hour record.
With the design of this watch Obree reveals a reflective, poetic sensibility: each hour is marked with a different word that holds a special meaning in relation to the passing time. The words appear through an slot which displays one word per hour to contemplate.

This watch was a limited edition model.

Compass Road (Limited edition)

The Compass Road watch was designed with author Iain Sinclair.
The names of eight writers and visionaries are positioned around the dial, each according to their geographic link with London. A pattern on the hour disk causes names to fade in and out of view as the time passes, a visual expression of Sinclair’s interest in uncovering forgotten layers of the city’s history.

This watch was a limited edition model.

BPM (Limited edition)

Created by a DJ for DJ’s, Tom Middleton channeled his experience into this watch design.
A 15 second animation helps calculate the beats-per-minute for any piece of music: count the quarter note beats for the duration of the animation, multiply the result by four and you have the bpm.

This watch was a limited edition model.

Cyclops Deluxe

This dazzling addition to the Cyclops family had gold hour markers with matching gold case and strap.

Cyclops Black (Limited edition)

This is a special monochrome version of the Cyclops watch.

This watch was a limited edition model.


On Foot (Limited edition)

On Foot displays the world record times for running different distances. Three arcs map the records to the hours, minutes and seconds on the watch.
The outer arc shows records of less than 60 seconds: 100m, 200m and 400m; the sweep of the second hand corresponds with a span of each record.
The two inner arcs align with the minute and hour hand respectively, for records of under and over one hour, showing distances from 800 metres all the way up to 100km.
This watch was a limited edition model

Always on my mind

The hour and minute hands of this watch spell out "always on my mind" in an endearing typewriter font, as if each of the letters has been tapped out by hand.

This watch is nostalgic for a time when love letters were something you could hold in your hand.


Cyclops dispenses with a conventional arrangement of hour, minute and second hands; instead a single hour marker passes around the dial.

This watch can be read with a relaxed kind of accuracy that offers a counterpoint to our hectic modern lives.


The Watcher (Limited edition)

Two characters on the watch enact a tiny choreographed play. They look all around, but never rest on the other’s gaze.
The faces keep their tiny vigil on your wrist and are always ready to share a moment of micro-poetry whenever you look at your watch.

This watch was a limited edition model.

The Future (Limited edition)

The Future is now! This watch displays a carpe diem message along with the time.
The hour and minute hand make up the words “the future” whilst the face alternately displays “is” and “now”. This watch is a handy reminder to the wearer to live in the present.

This watch was a limited edition model.

Average Day

The Average Day shows a breakdown of what average people do at different times on an average day.

The muse for this watch is Professor Jonathan Gershuny who is the Director of the Centre for Time Use Research who has an impressive collection of 750,000 time-use diaries.

The New Decider

This watch was inspired by retired top-flight football referee David Elleray. In Mr Elleray's career he made a vast number of decisions - a career total of 246 red cards and 2064 yellow are testament to this.
The New Decider is a watch that helps referee the wearer's life - as the seconds tick round the words “yes” and “no” are alternately displayed in the decision-window. Whenever a decision is called for the wearer can glance at their wrist for an answer!

Loves me

"Loves Me" is a watch for solving romantic dilemmas: as the seconds tick round the face shows either "Loves Me" or "Loves Me Not".

Pulling out the winding crown stops the mechanism and gives you cupid’s verdict.


The Accurate

This is the most accurate wristwatch you can buy - the hour hand reads "remember", the minute hand "you will die".
The Accurate is the oldest design in our collection - it's still popular today!

You can see the latest version of this watch here.

The Decider

The Decider helps you to make decisions - think of the choice you need to make and the look at the watch to see whether it is displaying "YES" or "NO".

The Mantra

The Mantra alternates a very positive statement (e.g. "you are amazing") with a very negative one (e.g. "nobody likes you").
The Mantra makes the arrogant person more humble and makes the humble more confident.

More or Less

This watch offers you two ways of looking at the passing of time - around the circumference of the dial the words "one more, one less" slowly pass.

Right or Wrong

This watch offers you two ways of looking at the passing of time - around the circumference of the dial the words "one more, one less" slowly pass.