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Who needs numbers when you can use colour?

This colourful watch uses three rotating discs to show you the hour, minute and seconds.

How to read the time

The discreet white line on each disc, tells you where each hand is pointing and so reveals the time.

Cyan: hour hand

Magenta: minute hand

Yellow: seconds hand

Where the discs overlap, new colours are formed, creating a constantly shifting palette of colour.

Automatic, mechanical watch movement

The Colour Venn watch doesn’t have a battery. The motion of wearing your watch provides the power to wind it up and keep it running.

You'll notice a viewing window on the back of the case, this is so that you can see the automatic movement of your watch ticking.

The design

Colour Venn was designed with Mark Champkins. With Colour Venn Mark wanted to explore the subtractive colour model which is the basis of printed colour:

"Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the keys to recreating ANY colour on the printed page. Every shade and hue of colour in newspapers, magazines and printed material will be only ever be made up of a combination of CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow and “key” (which is black) ink.

This is known as the “Subtractive Colour Model” as the four colours of ink “subtract” from the brightness of the white surface beneath.

Colour Venn uses Venn diagram style circles of colour cyan, magenta and yellow films with different diameters corresponding to the second, minute and hours. As each moves around, a continuously intersecting pattern of colour emerges, unique at every moment of the day".


Strap: silver stainless steel (alternative straps available here)

Mechanism: Automatic mechanical - Seagull TY2806

Waterproof: Yes!

Guarantee: 12 months - any problems after this time, we’ll be happy to help

Largest strap diameter: 205mm - contact us if you need a larger size

Smallest strap diameter: 150mm

Width (3 o’clock to 9 o’clock): 37mm

Height (from lug to lug): 46mm

Case: 316L stainless steel - polished silver finish



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Rest of the world

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