Watches for him: the gift guide

Dec 5, 2019by Olivia O'Dwyer

Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone close to you?

Whether you are shopping for your Dad, brother or partner; we think one of these watches would be the perfect fit!

Sun and Moon watch

1) The Sun and Moon

For a Classic Man who appreciates History!

The Sun and Moon watch is one of our more discreet watches, it is a modern revival of an old watch design - dating back to the 17th century.

This watch pictorially tells the time, using the Sun or Moon and as the day progresses, a variety of animals will appear at different times.

Robotto Shi

2) Robotto Shi

Robotto Shi is perfect for a man who doesn’t take his time too seriously.

This watch design is a miniature narrative - let the Robot show you the time in the busy streets of Tokyo!

Find the hour in the Japanese moon and the minutes in his heart. 

King watch

3) King 

The perfect fit for the man who likes to make a statement!

Based on the playing card character The King of Hearts, the King is a British design created by us in London.

Read the hour in his heart and the minutes on the playing cards.

Make him feel like a King this Christmas… 

Number Cruncher watch

4) Number Cruncher

For the guy who knows how to have fun!

This playful Monster watch will remind your loved one to keep having fun with his time.

Find the hour in the Monster’s hand ready to be eaten and the minutes in his stomach!

Fantastic Exploits watch

5) Fantastic Exploits

The best watch for the man with attention to detail!

Fantastic Exploits is an intricate design with a Kaleidoscope centre showing the seconds.

The hours are marked by the first letter of the number, with each letter in different typography.

Which watch would you choose? Let me know in the comments below!