Watches for her: the gift guide

Dec 15, 2020by Olivia O'Dwyer

Struggling to come up with a unique Christmas gift for the lady in your life? We've put together a gift guide to give you some inspiration. 

The Ascendent 

A luxurious gilded watch, the perfect design for the lady who likes the finer things in life. The Ascendent was designed by French artist Marion Labbez and tells the time using a mountain scene. 

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Gift guide for her, The Ascendent designed by Marion Labbez and Mr Jones Watches

Sun and Moon 

Know someone who prefers a more classic design? The Sun and Moon is a modern revival of an old watch design. Tell the time using the sun in the day and the moon in the night.

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Watch gift guide for her, Sun and Moon ladies watch by Mr Jones Watches

The Last Laugh

For the person who loves the unconventional, The Last Laugh was designed to remind you that life is short and you should live it to the full. Both the hours and the minutes are displayed on the teeth.

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The Last Laugh Ladies by Mr Jones Watches, watches gift guide for her



Show her she’s the queen of your life by gifting her this unique watch design. Based on the classic British playing card character the queen of hearts, read the hour in the Queen's heart and the minutes using the playing cards. 

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Queen watch, gift guide for her by Mr Jones Watches

A perfectly useless morning 

For the woman who loves being nature. Kristof Devos designed A perfectly useless morning to remind the wearer that time spent relaxing is time well spent. Read the hour using the falling leaf and the minutes using the circling bird. 

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A perfectly useless morning by Kristof Devos, watches for her gift guide


Want to make her gift even more special? Personalise the watch by adding a custom engraving on the case back or request a unique strap. 

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