Valentine's Day unusual gift ideas

Feb 8, 2021by Emily Weston

Whether you’re having a date night over zoom or your romantic meal at home is going to be crashed by the kids, Valentine's day is probably going to be a little different this year.

We have selected five of our watches which we believe are the perfect unique gift this Valentines if you're looking for something a little unusual for your loved one...

King and Queen 

King and Queen watches

Although this iconic pair of couples watches may be an obvious Valentines choice, they’re the perfect pair for a couple who wants to match.

If you have a King you would like to treat this year then this classic British design may be the ideal choice.

A few years ago, one of our wonderful customers purchased two King watches to propose to his (now) husband - how cool is that!

Shop the King watch here.

Shop the Queen watch here.


A perfectly useless morning

A perfectly useless morning watch

Does your other half need a reminder to live in the moment?

This Autumnal inspired watch is an encouragement to rest and spend time with nature, although it can be hard at the moment not to overthink, this piece offers reassurance to live in the moment and take each day as it comes. 

Shop A perfectly useless morning here.


Mare Adesso

Mare Adesso watch

Do you know an animal lover? Mare Adesso is the ultimate watch to feel uplifted, the leaping whale offers a picture of freedom within the oceans.

This bright design offers a fun way to tell the time, shop here.


All This Will Pass

All this will pass watch

All This Will Pass is a reminder that this time next year things will be different, although it can feel like things are never going to return to normal, this design offers a message of hope!  

If your other half is struggling to remain positive, this watch could be the lift they need and a reminder when checking the time that All This Will Pass.

Whatever your plans are for this Valentines we hope you stay safe and well.

If you aren’t getting to spend this valentines day with your loved one then we would like to remind you that this really won’t last forever!