Unusual gifts for Valentines Day

Feb 7, 2018by Emily Weston

Unusual gifts for Valentines Day


Looking for a gift that’s a bit different this year?

Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one, here’s a selection of watches that are guaranteed to make you fall in love (with time keeping…)


King and Queen watches on models

Couples watches

King and Queen watches

The King and Queen of Hearts.

Based on the classic playing card characters, this pair of watches is ideal for a special couple, because every couple needs matching watches. Right?


Watches with a special message

Always on my mind

The hands of this romantic watch spell ‘always on my mind’. Designed as a wearable love letter, this watch is the perfect gift for the lucky lady in your life.

Always on my mind watch

The Everyday Special

A customisable watch, you can choose a special date or a unique message for the hands. It’s also powered by a Swiss mechanical movement, this little marvel of engineering is visible through the glass case back, so you can admire the tiny beating heart of your watch. 

The Everyday Special watch


Inspired by flowers

Floriography is the Victorian system for ascribing a meaning to different flowers.

This system was used as a way for lovers to send secret messages to each other
(the message was only visible to those who could interpret the code).


Inspired by the Cherry flower, the image aligns and breaks apart as time passes.

Cherry flower watch


The meaning of the Phlox flower is: “our souls are united”. The case back of the watch has an engraving that explains the floriographic meaning.

Phlox flower watch

Feeling inspired? Let us know which design is on your wish-list for 2018 in the comments section below.