Top 5 watches for Fathers Day

Jun 12, 2019by Emily Weston

This Father's Day, treat the dad you love to something special: a gift that shows just how much you care.

Here are our top picks for Father's Day. They're unconventional, but would you expect anything less?


1. Vertigo

Vertigo watch

All parents love a gift you’ve made yourself, so why not design your dads watch?

Vertigo is fully customisable.

You can choose everything from the case to the minute hand, you can even get your own special message engraved on the back!

Shop here.


2. Number Cruncher

Number Cruncher watch

Number Cruncher is the perfect watch for the playful dad, the dad that loves to have fun with his time.

This miniature monster isn’t a fan of numbers, so he eats them.

He’s reaching for the hour, and you can find the minutes churning around in his stomach.

Shop here.


3. The Dream Maker

Dream Maker watch

This big and bold watch is great for the dad that loves to make a statement.

This watch was designed by London based artist Vic Lee, to stand out from the crowd.

It’s limited edition too, only 100 exist worldwide!

Shop here.


4. Robotto Shi

Robotto Shi watch

Perfect for the tech enthusiast dad, Robotto Shi is a mini robot with nothing but ‘love’ to share.

It’s an automatic mechanical watch, which means it’s powered by your movement.

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5. King

King watch

King of the family, or maybe just a magician, show your dad just how special he is, with this cool King watch.

The minutes are displayed in 10-minute intervals, you can read them by checking the playing cards and the hour is shown in the royal breast.

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Which watch would your dad love? Let me know in the comments below!