Our most unique watches of the last 5 years

Mr Jones Watches turns 15 this year! Where has the time gone? Since 2007 we have designed, printed and assembled over 150 unusual designs. 

Each of our watches have their own story and we have worked with some extremely talented collaborators over the years.

We thought we would take a step back in time and show you our most unique designs from each of the last five years. 

2017 - Chaos Window 

In 2017 we collaborated with Edward Carvalho-Monaghan on the mini-masterpiece that is the Chaos Window watch. 

Edward felt inspired to disrupt and challenge the existing ideas of how a watch works. 

Chaos Window

Edward wanted his watch to get people thinking outside the box: “Think inside the circle, then think outside lots of different boxes within the circle, then think outside the circle within the boxes and circles and outside boxes.”

Chaos Window

This unique design was limited to just 50 pieces.

2018 - Sekretas

2018 saw us collaborate with Dovile Bertulyte on the Sekretas watch. At the time, Dovile was one of our assembly technicians, however, has since gone on to pursue her dream of being a full-time jewellery designer. 

This beautiful watch featured real dried flower petals, a first for Mr Jones Watches. 


The dried flowers were also complemented by the gold dial, which was hand gilded with 22-carat gold leaf resulting in a truly stunning finish. 

Only 50 pieces of this limited edition design were produced and they sold out extremely quickly. 

2019 - The Watchful Ones

After the success of his first two watches, Onorio D’Epiro designed The Watchful Ones for Mr Jones Watches in 2019. 

This set of five quirky characterful monster watches were unlike anything we had produced before at Mr Jones Watches. 

The Watchful Ones

Each with their own personalities, The Meeb, Chow-Chow, Duff the Gruff, Chomi and The Honourable P.N.D have one thing in common, they displayed the time in their eyes. 

Monster Watches

30 pieces of each watch were made in our workshop and of course they didn’t hang around for long!

2020 - Step right up

Designed by American comics creator Ryan Claytor, Step right up became the fastest-selling watch in Mr Jones Watches history. 

Step right up

Inspired by a celebration of the carnival shooting gallery, Ryan wanted to evoke a feeling of nostalgia within the design.

The watch face is extremely detailed with the time display being completely integrated within the artwork. 

Step right up by Ryan Claytor

This design was limited to 100 pieces, and we have since worked with Ryan on another limited edition design, Ricochet, which has proven just as popular. 

2021 - The Silent Thief 

For our last limited edition release of 2021, we collaborated with Andy Wilx on The Silent Thief watch.

The design features a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, a 45mm case and 22-carat yellow gold and palladium gilding.

The Silent Thief

A seconds disc can be found in the eye of the bird on the watch face, watching at all times, perhaps waiting for his moment to catch us unaware and strike. 

The Silent Thief

The Silent Thief’s unique features made it popular on its release day with all 100 pieces selling out in just a few hours.

Would you like us to go back in time even further? 

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