Meet our team: Ellen

Nov 30, 2020by Olivia O'Dwyer

You've met most of the Mr Jones Watches team, so we thought it was time you met our print artist Ellen. Ellen is a valuable member of our team, working closely with just Paul to print all of the watches.

As well as Ellen's role at Mr Jones Watches, in her spare time she's an accomplished print and clay artist. 

Tell us a little bit about you?
I am Ellen, I work as a print technician at Mr Jones Watches. 
I was born in North Norfolk and grew up by the sea. I moved to London to study MA Printmaking at UAL Camberwell and I have lived in South East London since.

Ellen print maker at Mr Jones Watches in the Mr Jones Watches workshop

What do you like doing outside of work? 
Outside of work I love to make things out of clay, play guitar, walk in green spaces and during lockdown I grew vegetables.
I regularly visit exhibitions and go to my studio space to work on my own practice. I work across a range of mediums from bronze casting to film. 

 Ellen Witley print art

Ellen Witley print art

Ellen Witley clay artworkWhich is your favourite Mr Jones Watch and why?

My favourite Mr Jones watch design is the Ascendent.
I saw this watch progress from the first sample to it's beautiful final state and I am proud to have been part of the process.
I think The Ascendent has a charm because it is very tricky to print and gild. It takes longer to produce than the other watches because it has three different areas to gild.
It also reminds me of being in nature and experiencing in the sublime.

Ellen's favourite watch, The Ascendent by Mr Jones Watches and Marion Labbez

Like the look of Ellen's work? Check out her website.


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