Watches for him: the gift guide

Christmas is coming up fast so we thought we'd give you some gift ideas that are perfect for the great guy in your life.  

A perfectly useless morning 

The watch for someone who loves being outside in nature.

A perfectly useless morning was designed in Belgium by Kristof Devos and made in London by our small team. Shop here.

Unconventional gifts for him, A perfectly useless morning by Kristof Devos

Fantastic Exploits 

Buying for someone more old school who prefers monochrome? Fantastic Exploits designed by Vic Lee was inspired by tattoos, the world of the circus and Victorian lettering.

Read the time using the watch hands, the hour and minute markers all have their own unique personalities. Shop here.

Unconventional gifts for him, Fantastic Exploits by Vic Lee

King of Spades

Show him he’s the king in your life by gifting him the King of Spades. The King of Spades was based on the classic King playing card character.

Read the hour within the spade and the minutes on the playing cards. Shop here.

Unconventional gifts for him, King of Spades by Mr Jones Watches


For the person who likes the finer things in life.

Nuage is a luxurious watch gilded with 22 carat gold and silver leaf. 

Read the time using the sun in the day and the moon in the night. The minutes are in the centre and run conventionally. Shop here.

Unconventional gift ideas for him, Nuage designed by Marion Labbez

 Mare Adesso

Does he love being by the sea?

Mare Adesso was designed by Matteo Girardi and is a celebration of nature and the freedom of the oceans.

The Whale’s nose points to the minutes and the hour is shown in the moon. Shop here.

Unconventional gifts for him, Mare Adesso designed by Matteo Girardi

Make your gift more personal by changing the watch strap and adding engravings on the case back. 

Which watch would you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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