Cool Fathers Day gift ideas

Jun 5, 2018by Emily Weston

 Cool Fathers Day gift ideas



Are you thinking about getting your dad something a bit different for Fathers Day this year? 

If your dad appreciates unusual design and is generally a cool guy, then you’re in the right place.

Here’s our selection of cool watches that are perfect for Father’s Day…


Sun and Moon Miyamoto

Do you have memories of playing Super Mario with your dad as a child?

Inspired by the graphics in these games, this watch is designed to make you (or your dad) feel nostalgic when you look at the time.

Sun and Moon Miyamoto watch

Sun and Moon Miyamoto


Is your Dad the magician in your family? Or the King of the household? This watch is based on the classic playing cards character. Read the time in the cards which change as time passes.

It’s an automatic mechanical watch too, which means it’s powered by movement, instead of taking batteries (like magic!)

King watch

King is available here.


The Observatory

Does your dad love star-gazing? The Observatory shows the hour by the position of the sun and moon around the earth.

A comet moves around the outside of the scene, pointing to the minutes.

The Observatory watch

Check out the Observatory watch here. 

Fantastic Exploits

Big, bold and beautiful. This watch was inspired by old school tattoos, victorian lettering and the world of the circus.

The seconds hand is a kaleidoscope in the centre of the watch that constantly changes shape before your eyes.

It’s also powered by a beautiful Swiss-made movement that you can see through the clear case back.

Fantastic Exploits

Fantastic Exploits is available here

Time Traveller

Does your dad love to travel? If so, this is the perfect gift for him. The Time Traveller watch tracks the time in 16 different timezones, all at once. It uses famous landmarks to show you the time.

The perfect watch for an explorer.

Time Traveller watch

Time Traveller is available here.


Didn’t find the perfect watch for your dad in this list? You can shop the full Mr Jones Watches collection here.