Behind the scenes: the making of Vertigo

The making of Vertigo

If you follow our work closely, you may have noticed our latest addition to the Mr Jones Watches collection: Vertigo.

This watch was designed and printed by our talented print technician Paul Wardski.

Paul Wardski portrait

Paul is an award-winning print artist. He recently completed his master's degree at University of the Arts London and we’re very lucky he’s part of our small team.

We previously interviewed Paul on our blog which you can read here.

All of our London made watches are printed by Paul. Every colour used in the designs is mixed by his hand and laid down in turn.

The vertigo watch is especially interesting because Paul chose to use a unique colour combination for each of the 100 pieces. Although this decision complicated the process, the results were beautiful.

Initial ideas

Paul loves to travel and his outdoor adventures are a major source of inspiration for his work.

Paul's inspiration

At the beginning of the design process, Paul talks about using different elements of the landscape to display the time, in a similar way to his first watch design: Wanderlust.

Wanderlust on wrist

Paul talks about the moments in time when he has been lost in the wilderness, climbing mountains surrounded by nature.

Then he focuses on the moments in time when he has been lost in the wilderness, climbing mountains surrounded by nature.

He started to incorporate all the textures and patterns of wild landscapes into the design using found materials in his printing process. 

Paul printing

print process

Paul talks about the feeling of Vertigo when he's exploring mountaintops and explains that he wants to translate this feeling into his design.

He does this by creating miniature abstract worlds turn and evolve as time passes.

Vertigo watch


Vertigo components

Paul decided that because nothing in nature repeats itself, each watch should be unique too.

So he printed each of the 100 watches with different colour combinations. 

Vertigo dials


Vertigo watch line up

We're really pleased with the finished result of the Vertigo watch; it's a real statement piece.

You can watch the time-lapse video below to see the 100 different design variations.


You can check out more of Paul’s work here: or take a look at the Vertigo watch here.

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