Yo Hosoyamada | ただいま Tadaima

Yo Hosoyamada

Yo Hosoyamada portrait

Yo explains her inspiration for the design

"ただいま Tadaima is the Japanese for ‘I’m home!’, the first thing you say when you walk through the door (the reply to tadaima is okaeri which means ‘welcome home’).

It’s something you say when you come home after a long day of work, or after you have been away for a while. It also means ‘right now’ or ‘the present’.

Living and working away from my hometown of Tokyo, I wanted to design the watch that would serve as a window or a portal that could transport me home whenever I wanted.

It’s a homage to the city I love that means I can carry it with me wherever I go.”

Originally from Tokyo, Yo Hosoyamada is a London-based illustrator working across editorial, commercial, advertising and publishing projects.

Her work often explores playful compositions, set within dynamic cityscapes and architectural spaces.

Drawing from the world around her, she loves to experiment with spatiality, storytelling, and bold colours.

She has worked on various projects with clients such as WIRED UK, Youtube JP, ELLE Magazine, Monocle Magazine, and The Washington Post. She is a member of The Association of Illustrators.

You can see more of Yo's work here: www.yo-hoso.com