Xavier Broche, Night Howl

Xavier Broche

Xavier Broche portrait

Xavier explains his inspiration behind the design:

Forests are full of mysteries. In the dark our mind plays tricks on us and tiny noises can seem terrifying!

Night Howl was created in close collaboration with the team at Mr Jones Watches.

We wanted to create something that evoked the spirit of the forest at night, with some of the animals for whom the dark forest is the safest place.

The man endlessly circles the tree searching for a ghost, sometimes he catches it in the beam of his torch, but can he be sure of what he saw?

Xavier Broche is a children's book Author-Illustrator based in France.

He has produced many works for “Les Éditions Lapin”, mainly as part of a series of collaborations with Alice Chaa, a writer for children.

Feathers and brushes, felt-tip pens and inks, the tools vary and the themes change according to the book.

Xavier has explored a diverse range of topics in his work: from adoption to travel; fear of the dark to learning numbers and even following the adventures of an unconventional princess...

In addition to published works, Xavier has also collaborated on radio shows and live drawing events, such as Podcast Science.

See more of Xavier’s work at: xavierpuyo.com

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