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Kaat Deceuninck

Kaat Deceuninck portrait
Kaat explains her inspiration behind the design:

I often find myself watching my cat play with his toys, although it’s really engrossing to watch, afterwards I always feel like I’ve wasted my time.

With this design I wanted to tell a story that is relatable and easy to understand.

In this case something that everyone can relate to: to see the world through the cat’s eyes means we can understand that no time is ever really wasted - we just need to fully live every moment!

Kaat Deceuninck is an art student from Belgium. So far she has explored different disciplines: illustration, animation, interior design, graphic design, textile design and drawing.

It is through her teacher Kristof Devos, the designer of Mr Jones Watches’ most popular watch A perfectly useless afternoon, that she came across the brand.

Her illustrations are characterised by simplicity, minimalism, playfulness and a thoughtful use of colour.

To find out more about Kaat, visit her Instagram account here: @dec.kaat