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Gia Graham

Gia Graham portrait

Gia talks through her inspiration for the design:

"As the hours pass, the design of the watch embraces the energy and constant movement of our day but twice each day, there is a pause… a moment of serenity when everything aligns and the reminder to slow down appears.

Most of us look at our watches or at the clock multiple times each day. We are so driven by time in our daily lives: morning alarm clocks, scheduled meetings, trying not to be late, deadlines for one thing or another… the rat race is incessant.

I wanted to create a timepiece that periodically reminds us to slow down, live in the moment and tune into the un-rushed rhythm of mother nature.

Most of my artwork is nature-inspired and often includes lots of lush flowers and foliage so this design is definitely a true representation of my aesthetic.

As a hand lettering artist, much of my work has also includes messages relating to self awareness and observations on human experiences. This design encompasses much of what my artwork is all about".

Gia Graham is an illustrator and hand lettering artist based in Atlanta, originally from sunny Barbados. Gia credits her island background for influencing the vibrant colours and lush florals and foliage she often incorporates into her work.

Although her work is rooted in all things natural and organic, Gia prefers to work digitally, trading in pencil and paper for an iPad and drawing app.

Over her 20 year creative career, she has worked in corporate graphic design, run her own stationery business and now focuses on licensing her art to product-based companies.

When she’s not drawing for clients or teaching creative classes online, she spends her time loving on her houseplants or digging in her garden.

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