Khaosify watch
Khaosify watch on a wrist
Khaosify watch on a blue background
Khaosify watch caseback
Close up of Khaosify watch
Khaosify watch and strap
Khaosify watch side view
Khaosify watch on pink background
Khaosify watch face
Khaosify watch on white background
Khaosify watch on black background
Khaosify watch from afar

Khaosify (Limited edition)

Khaosify (Limited edition)

Chaotic and colourful, this limited edition watch is available until the countdown ends...

Time is up! This limited edition watch is no longer available. If you'd like to see it join our permanent collection, you can sign up to the waiting list here.

Designed by creative illustrator Mister Phil, the collection of characters conceal the time within their wild shapes.

To find the time, you'll need to focus on the white elements:

  • The white arrow character points to the hours
  • The white bird marks the minutes
  • The seconds are marked by the white highlight in the constantly shifting all-seeing eye at the centre of the design.

Mister Phil explains his inspiration:

“There’s always ordered chaos in my work, the lively, disruptive characters are usually held together by a sense of logic, albeit one that’s not obvious at first glance.

So finding characters and shapes adorning a watch face seems quite fitting - everything is confined by a circular shape and the rules of timekeeping.

You sense the characters within want to break free but are patiently rotating on their given paths, revealing different patterns and positions as they go about the day in their predestined way.

The two main time-tellers have the important job of conveying their information to the viewer, but everyone, and everything all play their part in conjuring a chaotic and colourful design at every minute of the day (meanwhile the all seeing eye is keeping track of every second...!)”

Limited edition

This watch is available exclusively from Mr Jones Watches in a numbered limited edition. When you purchase, you will be assigned a number and this will be engraved on your watch case back.

Purchases are strictly limited to one per person for this watch. We don't think it's fair to buy them to then resell them at a higher price so please don't do this or we will be forced block your orders.