Ophelia watch front view
Ophelia watch on wrist
Ophelia watch on blue background
Ophelia watch worn on tattooed wrist
Ophelia watch side view
Ophelia watch in box
Close up of Ophelia watch on Mr Jones Watches product box
Ophelia watch caseback
Ophelia watch worn
Ophelia pond watch in hand
Ophelia watch strap buckle
Ophelia watch flat front view
Ophelia watch on flower
Ophelia watch in Mr Jones Watches box with insert card



This watch has been discontinued.

A watch to give you a fresh perspective. 

Ophelia was designed for us by Joshua Obeng-Boateng. 

Two fish circle around a pond, immersed in their own watery world below the flowers and lily pads on the surface.

Each watch was printed and assembled one at a time, by hand; before being assembled by our small and talented team. 

By printing the design on different layers, with different levels of transparency, we’ve created a watch that captures the spirit of Joshua’s artwork.

How to read the time:

The position of the two fish show you the hour and minutes.

Joshua explains his inspiration for the design:

“This watch was designed partially as an ode to the John Everett Millais painting ‘Ophelia’.

In my work I‘ve experimented a lot with drawing water and people in water and when I saw this painting it was a perfect fit for the journey I was on.

In the original version of this design a character’s face emerges from the middle of the water.

Now in my updated version of the design for the permanent collection, the character is no longer there, creating a further space for narrative projection.

The central idea behind the watch is a celebration of water and the diverse symbolism it can take: Water can be a symbol of death and mortality, as it is in Millais’ painting of ‘Ophelia’ or it can be used to represent life and animism as embodied by the fish that swim around.

It can even embody both life and death simultaneously: as in spiritual practices such as baptism which represent both the death of the old self and the rebirth as a new person.

This circularity - death and rebirth is encapsulated in the fish making their endless circuit around the watch face”