Episode one: interview with Crispin Jones

Jun 23, 2020by Olivia O'Dwyer

Welcome to series one of the Mr Jones Design podcast! 

Join us as we sit down with the talented designers, artists and illustrators we've collaborated with over the last few years.

We discuss their background, their experience of working within the creative industries and their design inspirations. 

Episode one 

Interested in finding out how Mr Jones Watches first started? 

This week, our host Olivia has sat down (virtually) with founder and director Crispin Jones. They discuss everything from Crispin’s career journey to how Mr Jones Watches operates.  

In this episode we also find out how the business has adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic and how the team are working to ensure the business is operating safely. 

Crispin Jones

With a background in art and design Crispin shares his educational background and how he first became interested in watchmaking.

Check out this video showing the first ever watches made by Crispin.

Or you can see our design archive here.

Watches from 2007 design archive

After 13 years of business we learn more about the history of Mr Jones watches and how the business first started and has grown into what it is today. 

Creating the perfect watch design, we find out about the behind the scenes of collaborations and the design process.

Collaborating with Mr Jones WatchesCrispin gives insight into the team at Mr Jones Watches and the biggest changes to the business over the last few years.

Next week join us as Olivia sits down with designer and illustrator, Onorio D’Epiro. 

We will be finding out about Onorio’s career in model making and discussing his previous successful Mr Jones Watches creations.

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