Episode nine: interview with Hannah Sung

Sep 9, 2020by Olivia O'Dwyer

 Welcome back the Mr Jones design podcast!

This week we interview Hannah Sung, designer of our newest limited edition release - Paper Crane. We talk to Hannah about everything from her career as an artist to her inspiration for Paper Crane. 

Hannah explains that she was obsessed with making paper cranes when she was a child because of a proverb stating, 'If you make one thousand paper cranes, your wish will come true'.

Hannah Sung

There is a red crane in the daytime and a paper crane in the night because Just as your dreams can be ignored or forgotten during the day, one may take comfort in the reliability of the nighttime crane rising again. 

Paper Crane by Hannah Sung and Mr Jones Watches Paper Crane watch

Hannah explains how she came to collaborate with Mr Jones Watches from being introduced to the brand by her Husband - a big fan of Mr Jones Watches.

Having never worked with watches before Hannah tells us how she found designing Paper Crane both challenging and fun.

Hannah Sung Paper Crane watch

With an interesting career, Hannah has worked for clients such as Disney, Netflix Sony and Fox as a concept sketch artist.

Toy Story 4

Her work on the Deadpool vinyl packaging for a Comic-Con promotional piece won a Gold award at the 2017 Clio ceremony.

Dead Pool

Hannah explains how she recently moved from LA to Iowa to be a freelance artist to allow her to focus on her personal projects. 

Emoji Movie

We learn about how Hannah's Korean-American culture has influenced her creative career. Explaining that the Korean attitude towards creative careers made her an extremely competitive artist when she was young.

Hannah Sung art

Hannah explains how she is always finding creative inspiration from everywhere and she can't settle on one form of art.

Hannah sung art

We learn how the coronavirus pandemic has shaped Hannah's life and artistic style.

Hannah Sung feminism art

Hannah explains how her work has evolved over the years and she is now putting together a series of personal works that focus on promoting self-love, ending domestic abuse, sexual assault, and body positivity.

Hannah Sung

Find Hannah's work on her website, Instagram and TikTok

See Paper Crane here.

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