Which monster do you know?

Nov 14, 2019by Emily Weston

With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to think about how to surprise those who mean the most to you.

Our recent limited edition collection “The Watchful Ones” was designed by Onorio D’Epiro. These fun quirky monsters all have their own unique personality...

See if you can find any similarities between these characters and someone you know (maybe a dad, brother or even a friend...)

The Honourable P.N.D.

The Formal Guy

Meet The Honourable P.N.D, a true nobleman who enjoys sipping earl grey tea and a leisurely stroll around country lakes. 

This formal fella prides himself on his appearance and will never be seen without his bowtie.

Chow-Chow watch

The Class Clown

Meet the cheeky Chow-Chowa born entertainer and self-proclaimed comedian. 

He never fails to crack out the one-liners whilst socialising with his fellow jokers.

Chomi watch

The Chatty Lady 

Meet the chatterbox Chomi, a kind and gentle monster! 

When she finally stops chatting, she loves to spend time indulging in her favourite treat, ice cream!

Duff the Gruff

The intelligent-but-a-bit-rough guy

Meet Duff the Guff, don’t be fooled by his more rough and ready exterior - he's brainier than he looks! 

When he’s not in theatre at the operating table he spends his time playing chess and rumour has it he's ranked 7th in the world.

The Meeb - monster watch

The mysterious one

Meet The Meeb, our devious yet mysterious little menace. He may be childish in his ways but has an adult appetite to make up for it.

Watch out because Meeb will be more than miserable if he doesn’t get his own way!


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