Watches to gift this Valentine’s Day

Jan 24, 2023by Olivia O'Dwyer

And just like that, you’re seeing all the Valentine's presents lining the shops again (we’re pretty sure we’ve only just taken down the Christmas tree!) It's time to elevate your gift game this year… which is why we have selected our favourite creative watches for this coming Valentine’s Day that they certainly won’t be expecting, unlike the usual chocolates or a teddy bear.  

The Everyday Special:

As the name suggests, you can’t get more special than The Everyday Special. With customisable hour and minute hands, you can write your own unique message or a memorable date that you both cherish, telling your loved one how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day.  

Mare Adesso: 

Is your Valentine an animal lover? Look no further than Mare Adesso. This watch shows the time in a playful way with the moon displaying the hours and following the whale's nose for the minutes. 

Sun and Moon: 

This watch is perfect for the matching pair. Sun and Moon is available in two different sizes meaning that you can treat both yourself and your loved one this year. The watch features a crescent shaped design and is populated with various animals that come into view when they would roughly appear in the day.  

A perfectly useless afternoon: 

We had to give a mention to one of our most popular pieces in the collection, A perfectly useless afternoon. This watch is all about taking the time to relax and remembering that an afternoon doing nothing, is time well spent. If you and your Valentine have plans to chill indoors with a movie and a takeaway, this is the ideal watch to complement the mood.  

Colour Venn:

Complement their creative side this Valentine’s Day with Colour Venn. This watch includes three rotating coloured discs which when they overlap, an continuously intersecting pattern of colour emerges, uniquely different at every moment of the day.

And don’t forget, all our watches with a steel back case can be engraved to write your own personal message on the back to make your watch extra special.  

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