Watches inspired by books this World Book Day

Feb 21, 2023by Olivia O'Dwyer

Ah, the whimsical memories of World Book Day and dressing up as your favourite book character at school… 

This traditional day celebrates literature of all varieties, from fact to fiction, and everything in between! 

In the run up to World Book Day, we’ve selected some of our favourite watches that you may or may not have known were inspired by books…  

Vingt Mille: 

The epic battle scene between squid and man on the face of Vingt Mille pays homage to the fearless Captain Nemo. 

Nemo is a fictional character created by novelist Jules Verne, in his book “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”. It is also credited as being one of Verne’s greatest works. 

Verne is also the writer behind “Journey To The Centre Of The Earth” and “Around The World In Eighty Days”. 


Ophelia designer, Joshua Obeng-Boateng, was inspired by John Everett Millias’ painting “Ophelia” when designing this watch for our collection…. 

The painting had originally been inspired by William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. From a play, to a painting, to one of our watches! 

The character of Ophelia is one of Shakespeare’s most tragic figures. You can feel her story through the painting and our watch through the symbolic flowers and what they meant to Ophelia.

The Golden Hour: 

The Golden Hour was inspired by children's book “The Secret Garden”.

Written by Frances Hogson Burnett, the plot follows a young girl confined to her room who eventually finds “The Secret Garden”, which magically blooms before her eyes. 

You loved our limited edition run of The Golden Hour so much that we’ve decided to bring it back to our permanent collection later this year. Sign up to our waiting list here to be amongst the first to know when it’s back. 

We love the meaning of World Book Day…

Celebrating thousands of pieces of literature across the globe that have influenced so many different things, including some of our watches! 

What watch will you be wearing on World Book Day? Make sure to tag us in any photos on social media at @mrjoneswatches