Spookiest watches to wear this Halloween

Oct 4, 2022by Olivia O'Dwyer

With Halloween creeping upon us, we’ve selected some of our most spine-chilling watches to wear during spooky season that’ll make you the envy of any fancy dress party.

These watches will be a sure-fire hit at any Halloween gathering and can also be worn year-round to show your creative side. 

As you know, we like to look at time differently and one of the main themes that run through our watches is the tradition of memento mori - a Latin phrase that means ‘remember you will die’. 

It’s a reminder to seize the day but also the perfect sentiment to wear on October 31st! 


Number Cruncher

Ghosts, ghouls and monsters, oh my! Reminiscent of classic monster movies, Number Cruncher is the ultimate in monstrous watches to wear this Halloween. He can be found terrorising the city and eating cars, clocks and even the odd person as he goes… 


The Accurate

The Accurate watch is designed to remind its wearer that life is brief and encourage them to live each moment to the full. With a mirrored dial, there is no ambiguity about who this message is aimed at. 


The Last Laugh

The eye-catching skull motif on The Last Laugh is a guaranteed conversation starter. The eyes and nose are gilded with palladium to create a metallic effect. Instead of hands, the time is shown in the skull’s teeth: the upper teeth show the hours and the lower show the minutes.

Last Laugh Tattoo

This alternative version of The Last Laugh is inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead festival - a national holiday where Mexican citizens remember, honour and celebrate the lives of their late loved ones. This colourful watch was designed by Brighton tattoo artist Adrian Willard. 

The Gilded Skull

Available in both black and silver, The Gilded Skull adds a touch of glamour to Last Laugh Tattoo and features palladium, white and yellow gold accents. The handmade gilding process means that each watch is slightly different and unique.


Which watch from the Mr Jones Watches collection will you be wearing on Halloween? Be sure to tag our social media in any photographs - we can’t wait to see them!