Some wise words from our watches

Jan 12, 2024by Emily Weston

We all know what it’s like to start a new year, making hundreds of resolutions that are simply impossible to stick to. Promising ourselves that we will exercise more, eat healthier, learn a new language, start a new hobby. But what about just learning to live… to be content? 


We live in a busy world where we are surrounded by the internet and social media; it can be difficult to block out sometimes. This is where our watches come in; some of our designs may be quirky and colourful but they hold much deeper meanings.

We want to start 2024 the right way by reminding you of some of the most important lessons to carry with you this year. 


Arguably one of our most loved watches that holds one of the most crucial life lessons… 

Kristof Devos, designer of A perfectly useless afternoon, was inspired by a quote from Chinese writer, translator, linguist and philosopher Lin Yutang: “If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learnt how to live.”


Our lives can become extremely busy, especially in January when everyone’s focused on those new year goals but this watch is your reminder to value doing nothing at all every once and a while.


The lounging figure’s outstretched leg shows the hours, while the little rubber duck shows the minutes. Nowhere to be, nowhere to go, just enjoying life doing absolutely ‘nada’. 

This pretty pastel piece is powered by the idea that time isn’t real, it’s all just a social construct. 


The rebellious message pasted across Berry Late Again! really says it how it is. It encourages you to not care so much about that meeting you’re going to miss or what time the bus comes or what time your friends, cousins, sisters’ party is supposed to start… 


Because who cares what time it is anyway? We should be present and trust that we will always end up right where we need to be. 

The most authentic, truthful, to-the-point watch of them all… The Accurate


The Accurate is derived from the Latin tradition ‘memento mori’, meaning bluntly, ‘remember, you will die’. The trope is a reminder of the impermanence of life and how each brief moment should be treasured because our time on this earth isn’t limitless. 


When you look down at this watch and see the brutal - yet oddly reassuring - message the hands are saying to you, you will definitely think differently about how you spend your valuable time. 

Sticking with the tradition of ‘memento mori’ with a watch that is sure to spark a conversation… The Last Laugh


Similar to The Accurate, this design is a reminder that life is brief and so you should live it to the fullest. But also, pay attention to the name of the watch and remember to laugh, whether it’s just a slight giggle or a belly laugh at a friend falling over (it’s always a little bit funny… sorry!).


To tell the time you must gaze into the haunting smile of the skull, and be reminded to live your life, chase your dreams, and most importantly… laugh! 

This next watch isn’t as blunt, it’s meaning lies deeper under the elegant, gilded surface. 


Designed by gilding artist, Marion Labbez, The Ascendent pictures a mountain out in the distance representing the personal obstacles we all face throughout our lives, and how far we’ve come since. 


Here’s Marion’s beautiful explanation of her sophisticated design: "I designed this watch to be a hopeful visual invitation to look forward. Explore, discover, climb, travel: experience the world around you. Never look down, the only way is up and the journey is fulfilling."

As time passes, the wheel keeps on turning… but time is not endless so enjoy every single minute. 


Enjoy the ride is another vibrant design from Kristof Devos and encourages us to remember that life is short and to set your worries aside, you are here now, in this moment, so you might as well enjoy the ride! 


Spending less time worrying about the future and more time cherishing the present moment instead is the cornerstone to mental wellness and contentment.


We hope sharing the concepts behind some of our watches inspires something in you and you bear them in mind through 2024!