Rebellious Berry Late Again! joins our permanent collection

Sep 14, 2023by Mr Jones Watches Team

Berry Late! is back and we thought it was only fitting we gave its name a little glow up too… Welcome to our permanent collection, Berry Late Again! 

Back with its ironic design featuring a sweary message, Berry Late! was a team and customer favourite when we first launched its limited run in May. 

The design includes a mix of gradient pink skies, whimsical clouds, strawberries, and those iconic pastel letters that form a secret message once every hour…

The initial release was a huge milestone for us, becoming our first design to include 200 pieces in a limited edition run, all being snapped up in just 18 minutes! 

Ana Dias, designer of Berry Late!, got straight into creating an updated version for our permanent collection. 

The pastel colours in Ana’s signature bubble writing have been swapped around and the clouds have floated to new positions against the new lighter pink gradient sky. 

Here’s what Ana had to say about her design: 

"The watch combines my love of writing and playing with words, coupled with a sense of irony and the absurd. 

“The face draws us in with a combination of bright colours and childlike lettering, which seduce us with their sweetness.

"At the same time it pushes back against this saccharine world with the violence of the language and the absurdity of the message. It’s an angel with a dirty face, it's pastel punk."

Will you be getting your hands on Berry Late Again!? Tag us in your pictures on social media at @mrjoneswatches.