Behind the scenes of our photo-shoot


You might have noticed we’re a pretty small company, so often we don’t have the time or budget for big photo-shoots.


Luckily, the company director (Mr Jones) isn’t too bad with a camera, so often we’ll photograph the wrist of a member of the team outside the studio…


Paul Wardski our print technician. Modelling the Gilded Skull watch.


We had a huge response from this social media call. After hours of deliberating, we finally narrowed it down to just James and Jack.


We met them just outside our shop in the Oxo Tower, and headed for the river to take some cool wrist shots.


Here are some behind the scenes photos of the day…


Here are a few of the final photographs…



Next year, we’re hoping to plan a big photo-shoot. Involving all of the fantastic customers that volunteered for this one.


If you’re based in London and interested in taking part, make sure you follow our social media channels for more details.


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