Perfect gifts for the “choosy one” on your Christmas list

Christmas is well and truly on the way, and with less than three weeks to go, we are fully getting into the Christmas spirit here at MJW. 

You may have seen our previous guide as a good ol’ round-up, but what do you get for the picky people on your list, we hear you cry? We have selected the best watches that they definitely wouldn’t have expected, which will make you the favourite this Christmas. 

Number Cruncher: 

Do you know someone obsessed with horror or fantasy? Or perhaps you need to shop for a creative person this year - Number Cruncher is the watch you are looking for. With its bold colours and design, watch as the monster plucks numbers from the sky and then see them mix in his stomach along with other tasty morsels he’s grabbed from the city including clocks, cars and the odd person! Be careful he doesn’t come for you next…. 

Beam me up!: 

This watch is perfect for those with a fascination with the great unknown and who can blame them when there's a watch such as Beam me up!  Enjoy observing a comical scene of an outer space visitor scanning for intelligent life, only to find a bewildered pig and an oblivious cow.


This beautiful watch is definitely for the dreamers on your Christmas list. Nuage is hand gilded by us at our London workshop in 22 carat gold and silver leaf, this makes each piece ever so slightly different and means each one is unique. You can’t get any better than writing “no one else has this in the world” on the tag, can you? 

Colour Venn: 

Maybe you have an artist or designer on your list? Colour Venn is the perfect match. Based on the subtractive colour model, which is the basis of printed colour, watch as the three coloured disks overlap as time goes on to form different eye-catching colours at various points of the day. 

Slow Down: 

It's always important to remember to take a break and to Slow Down, especially at Christmas. This watch is well suited to those people who always have a jam-packed calendar and can’t spend more than 10 minutes away from their work email. With the two flowers coming together twice a day, you can read the message ‘slow down’ in the leaves to give you or that special someone the chance to stop for a moment and to take it easy. 

We hope that we have made gift-giving that much easier for you, let us know which watch you pick up by tagging us on social media @mrjoneswatches

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