Meet our customers: Sarah

We are lucky enough to have some amazing people as customers, so we thought it was time to introduce them to you. 

Meet Sarah, a Mr Jones Watches fan with 12 watches in her collection. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Sarah! I’m 29 years old and I live in the Bay Area in California. I recently was working for a non-profit organisation that assists adults with developmental disabilities but recently decided to mix it up and moved full time to the food industry.

I basically live at work sometimes, but whenever I’m not, I prefer being at home with a good bottle of wine, something good on tv, and my cat.


When and how did you first discover Mr Jones Watches?

I discovered Mr. Jones Watches a little over two years ago. My boyfriend had previously worked at a watch company that sells the brand. I don’t think I had ever worn a watch in my life at that point.

I became so intrigued by watches that were more unique and eye catching.

He knew I have the dream of eventually traveling the world, so he showed me the Time Traveller. I fell in love with it and purchased it immediately.

Ever since, my collection hasn’t stopped growing.

The Time Traveller watch

How big is your Mr Jones Watches Collection?

My collection is currently at 12 watches. Half being limited editions, 1 sample, and the rest from the main collection.

I display and store all of them in a watch box, which holds twenty watches. My goal is to eventually fill up the box with only Mr Jones Watches.

I really look forward to adding some more limited editions as you release them.

There is something special about wearing a watch you know only a certain amount of people own as well.

Mr Jones Watches collection

What is your favourite MJW limited edition and why?

Choosing a favourite limited edition is tough. I don’t own the Limited Edition Sekretas, but I was lucky enough to snag one of the gorgeous Samples of it. I think it is probably the most gorgeous watch I’ve ever seen.

However, I think Question 18, is my absolute favourite Limited Edition that I own.

I have a bad habit of worrying about the past and not letting go of things I can’t change. When the hands of the watch align and the words “Leave the past behind, now is your time” appear, it is a refreshing and much needed reminder to live in the moment.

The Sekretas watch

What interesting comments have people made on your watches?

It probably isn’t a surprise that the first thing people comment on about the watches are their colourful and unique designs.

As soon as the design of watch has got their attention, their next question is almost always how you read the time.

Once I explain how you read them and the fact that they are each handmade, It’s cool to see them appreciate what actually goes into creating them.

The Gilded Skull

Thank you guys for creating these amazing, unique watches.

It is so easy to not stop at one, when they are all so breathtaking and I look forward to continuing to add more of your watches to my collection.

I hope one day to make it to London to actually visit the shop! :)

You can find Sarah on Instagram where she regularly post wrist-shots with her Mr Jones Watches.

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