Meet our customers: Jessar

Our unique watches means we have the most interesting and loyal customers from all around the world. 

Meet Jessar, a Mr Jones Watches collector from Belgium with 18 watches! 

Jessar Ahmed

Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Jessar, I'm a young man (just turned 25 in March) from a very small village in Belgium, I was born in the Netherlands with Egyptian roots.

I’ve been a watch addict since I was a kid. The reason being is because of my father, he was and still is a style icon in the family. He has a nice collection of vintage watches that I have never seen him wear in my life.

That’s the moment when I realised I have to differentiate myself from everyone else because that’s what I always saw in my father, uniqueness.

I recently graduated from Thomas More University, for the past 3 years I have studied International Entrepreneurship.

I learned so much and had the opportunity to go overseas and do what I’ve always dreamed of - travelling the world to meet and work with all kind of people. I spent my last semester in Southeast Asia doing my internship in Kuala Lumpur MY and travelling around.

My plan was to take a year off and just travel the world and volunteer, but as of now I am not able to travel because of what’s going on in the world. I managed to visit Lebanon and Kuwait so I am not complaining!

Jessar Ahmed and friend

When and how did you first discover Mr Jones Watches?

The first time I came across Mr Jones watches was on Facebook in 2017. I remember seeing a post about The Promise of Happiness and just going crazy.

From searching on Google to messaging Mr Jones watches on Facebook. Emily [the Mr Jones Watches marketing manager] told me back then that it was sold out and they were working on a permanent piece. The crazy kid in me bought it as soon it dropped.

That’s when the journey started of me buying every limited piece (except for Wanderlust and Dream Maker)

Limited edition Promise of Happiness

>How big is your Mr Jones Watches collection? 

Over the years I have purchased 18 amazing watches from MJW, 4 of them are samples. 

Right now I still have 10 of the 18 pieces. I gifted some of to them to special people in my life and I sold 3 pieces because I needed the money. I regret selling them to be honest but I had no choice at that time.My watches are the only valuable thing that I own right now.

The ones I have at the moment cannot be sold because those are super special to me.

Jessar's collection of limited edition watches

Which is your favourite MJW limited edition and why?

I love them all because every watch has a different story for me - if I really had to choose then I would go for Chinoiserie.

After browsing through the design archive for the first time in 2017, I started searching for my favourite pieces that I missed that were released before 2017. And the piece that stood out the most for me was Chinoiserie.

After asking Emily about it, it looked like there was no chance this piece was coming back, UNTIL the sample sale in 2018. There was only one sample of that watch for sale, so I immediately purchased it.

Since then I have worn it on different (special) occasions, I feel like a millionaire when I wear it. The quality and that combination of the dial is top notch. People think It’s a 10 thousand dollar watch, the comments I receive are unbelievable.

Jessar wearing a Mr Jones Watch

What interesting comments have people made on your watches? 

About the Chaos Window, one day I had to present my favorite brand. Before the presentation I had to show it to my fellow students first.

One girl told me “that’s a very unique bracelet” and good friend of mine knew it was a watch but asked how I was able to read the time because it seems too complicated. I love it because I started so many conversations because of it.Chaos Window watch

A fun fact:

Some of my watches are still unworn because I feel they don’t deserve to be worn during this time of my life.

I want every piece to have a special connection to every moment of my life. Every MJW I wore during my time at university is stored in my room because those watches have memories connected to them.

I have them same craziness for niche fragrances. People call me crazy for that, but that’s who I am and I will be a loyal fan till I die!

Promise of Happiness sample

You can find Jessar on his blog.

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