Fun watches to gift this Christmas

Dec 5, 2023by Emily Weston

With Christmas creeping around the corner, you don’t want to be that person who leaves it until the last minute to buy the ideal gift. 


So, we thought we’d help you out and put together a gift guide of all of our favourite watches that could be the perfect companion for your loved ones… or a cheeky present to yourself!


First up is the one and only A perfectly useless afternoon. The days may be getting colder and darker, but this watch will be sure to transport you back to a relaxing time spent lounging by a pool, or wherever your happy place may be. 


This watch is a gentle reminder that time spent resting, is time well spent. Perfect for the ones in your life who have a tendency to work too hard. 


This next one is for the lovers of the unknown, the conspiracists, the extraterrestrial experts… or just that whacky friend that thinks aliens are super cool. 


Beam me up! is a playful celebration of the unexplained. The alien continues to chase the mischievous little piglet all year round; while the oblivious cow spectates from afar. But who will win this never ending game of ‘tag’? 


Enjoy the ride is powered by a Swiss automatic mechanical movement that keeps the ferris wheel spinning as the seconds tick by. 


The constant movement of this watch reminds us that we should enjoy every single minute of life, as it is not endless. A wonderful gift for someone in your life who may be guilty of never taking a break. You are here now, so you may as well enjoy the ride! 


Next up is the epitome of pastel punk, it is sugary sweet yet ruthlessly rebellious. We give you… Berry Late Again!


This watch is the ultimate gift for the ones who are always late. Because, time is just a social construct anyway, right?! Plus, we can guarantee a level of confidence and  courageousness that comes with wearing a watch with a cheeky curse word on it…  


What’s the time Mr. Tiger? 


The Promise of Happiness is a beautifully made watch, ideal for any animal lovers… or lovers of remarkable watches for that matter! The curious cat gazes up to the moon illuminating the night sky to see the time. 


This watch includes a jump hour feature where the hours can be spotted in the moon, and the minutes can be spotted (or should we say striped?) in the tigers markings. 


We hope this guide will help you in your endeavours of finding the right gift for the right person, because as we all know, that’s the hardest Christmas task of them all!