Designing a watch by Edward Monaghan

Dec 28, 2017by Emily Weston

How to design a watch by Edward Monaghan


Artist and illustrator Edward Monaghan has worked with us on several watch designs over the years.

Most recently, he designed the mini-masterpiece, Chaos Window.

Chaos Window watch

Edward’s goal was to make something unpredictable. Something that challenges peoples existing ideas of how a watch should work.

Edward is a really interesting and unusual character (as all of the best artists are) so I decided to ask him about his process.

Edward Monaghan portrait, wearing two watches

I asked Ed how he approached the design of the popular Chaos Window watch, here are his unusual step-by-step instructions.

How to design a watch, Edward Monaghan style:

Step 1

"Think inside the circle, then think outside lots of different boxes within the circle, then think outside the circle within the boxes and circles and outside boxes."

Step 2

"Put vases, fruit, suns and chaos serpents outside and inside the outside boxes, inside."

Step 3

"The Portuguese Armada sails towards the hours of the day at all times. The sailors regularly fall into the vase, mobius strip or dreaded boxes on their descent."

Step 4

"The smallest ship can charter a full revolution of the planet in 60 seconds, the Portuguese shipwrights were very good indeed."

Step 5

"Flames emerge from the serpent’s nostrils, letting you know exactly how much of the chaos has passed and how much is still to endure."


Confused? Here's a time-lapse of the watch in action... 

Update: Chaos Window was limited to just 50 pieces worldwide. It is now sold out, but we hope to collaborate with Edward for another watch design in the near future.