Colourful watches: the gift guide

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time for some inspiration to brighten up your gift ideas. We have hand picked five of our most colourful designs!

These watches are perfect for those who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd.Colour Venn watch

1) Colour Venn

Colour Venn combines simplicity with a pop of colour, with three rotating discs showing the hour, minute and seconds.

When the discs overlap it creates new colours forming a colour palette on your wrist! Perfect for the artist in your life.

Cyclops watch

2) Cyclops

Cyclops offers a relaxed alternative to timekeeping; every hour is represented by a colour and reminds us not to restrict our time to numbers.

In a world where everyone has a smart phone to tell the time Cyclops reminds us we are not slaves to the numbers we see on a screen.

Vertigo watch

3) Vertigo

This watch is perfect for those who are in touch with nature!

Vertigo is inspired by patterns, textures and colours found in the natural landscape and can be personalised to create a combination of your own.

Using its unique shapes to point to the hours and minutes, Vertigo offers a natural take on timekeeping.

A Perfectly Useless Afternoon

4) A perfectly useless afternoon

This watch is a great fit for the hard workers in your life by encouraging them to take a well-deserved break.

A perfectly useless afternoon is all about enjoying the moment but understanding that time spent resting is time well spent and relaxation is one of the keys to keeping a balanced life. 

Number Cruncher watch

5) Number Cruncher

The Number cruncher is perfect for the practical joker in your life!

This watch is a reminder not to take life too seriously. You can tell the hour by which number is in the monster’s mouth and the minutes are in his belly!


Which watch would you choose as a gift ?

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